Henry C. Warren Society

Henry Warren made the first planned gift to HSDM in 1899 in the form of a bequest for $10,000. The School is exceedingly grateful to those who have expressed their intention to provide for HSDM in their financial planning. To recognize this thoughtfulness, the School established the Henry C. Warren Society.

Michael L. Barnett, PD73
Jorge Bianchi, MMSc01
James D. Billie, DMD73, PD77 and Corinne Billie
Charles R. Bowen, DMD66 and Gerlinde Bowen
John J. Bowen
Allena Burge-Smiley, DMD82
Robert Chuong, DMD77, MD77, PD82 and Elaine G. Wong
Michelle Copeland, DMD77, MD77 and Jonathan L. Halperin
Michael R. Coppe, DMD70, DMSc78, PD74
Albert S. Cowie, PD78
Reed H. Day, MD84, DMD85, PD90
Douglas S. Dick, DMD67, PD72 and Eltress M. Dick
Robert M. Donahue, DMD62, PD64 and Sherrie Stephens Cutler
Chester W. Douglass and Joy Douglass
Ilona E. Ferraro and Richard S. Ferraro
Lorne M. Golub, PD68
Alexander H. Halperin, DMD56 and Carol Halperin
Jeanette Hennessy
Lee Edward Hershon, PD74 and Nina Haskins Hershon
T. Howard Howell Jr., PD76 and Jeffrey Stevens
Jae-Woong Hwang, DMSc03
Alvin A. Krakow and Barbara Krakow
Mark E. Levine, DMD75, PD77
Gayle J. Lowe
Gordon J. Macdonald and Ruth M. Macdonald
Ginat Wintermeyer Mirowski, MD85, DMD86, MMSc88, PD88 and Stephen F. Wintermeyer, MD86
Edward R. Mopsik, DMD67 and Kaye A. Mopsik
Edward M. Morin, DMD60
Thomas R. Mullen, DMD76
W. Patrick Naylor, MPH81, PD81
Robert N. Nishimura
Shirley A. Nylund, DMD81
Michael E. Rowan, AB63, DMD67
Arthur G. Ship, DMD52, MD54 and  
Enid S. Ship
Jacob B. Silversin, DMD72, MPH73, DPH75 and Mary Jane Kornacki
Martin Stern, DMD56 and  Christina E. Stern
Paul J. Styrt, DMD85, MPH85 and Stacey Lynn Styrt
Hans-Peter Weber, DMD90 and Cheryl O’Neil-Weber
Charles Willson