Affinity Communities


The Harvard Brain Science Initiative (HBI) invites you to join or kick-start new affinity groups. Please consider joining an ongoing group or starting one with friends and colleagues. These HBI Affinity Groups are initiated by young scientists at Harvard (grad students, fellows or new PIs) who wish to spearhead ongoing, substantive conversations among researchers across disciplines and institutions with common interests.  Planning and communications support and funds for refreshments are provided by HBI.


Neuroendocrine Dialogs.  This group is led by members of the Sabatini and Regehr labs.  See the link for the schedule of their monthly dinner-seminars.

Behavioral Neuroscience Dinner Seminars, links to the schedule or write Michael Crickmore, PhD, Scientific Coordinator, for more info.

Chronobiology & The Brain.  This group is about to launch its first events.  Go to the link for more information.

Sensory Transduction: write Nurunisa Akyuz, PhD for more info.